Premade Cover Art Policy

Gilded Heart Publishing Services (Gilded Heart Design) Premade Cover Art Design Policy

Please be sure to read the following details before you purchase premade cover art from Gilded Heart Design/Publishing Services. By completing your purchase, I will take that as indication that you’ve read and agreed to these terms. 

1. Gilded Heart Design/Publishing Services’s premade cover art designs will be sold and licensed only once. They are unique as a complete design and will not be resold.

2. Premade cover art designs are sold without fonts, but I will add font and series title for no additional charge after purchase. If specific fonts (that GHPS does not already own a license to) or a logo design are needed for either the author name or series title, additional charges may apply. 

3. Premade cover art designs may only be used for book covers and any promotional materials related to the book the cover was purchased for.

4. Gilded Heart Design/Publishing Services premade cover art designs may not be resold and derivative works based on GHD/PS artwork is not permitted.

5. Images used in premade cover art designs were purchased by GHD/PS with a non-exclusive, multi-use, web + print license. GHD/PS retains the purchased licenses and the licensee (various stock image websites) retain the original copyright for images. Purchase of a premade cover art design does not transfer either the license or copyright to the original images used in the design to the purchaser. 

6.  Gilded Heart Design/Publishing Services and the various vendors whose materials were used in creating the artwork retain all copyright to the final artwork, source files, images, and materials used in producing the premade cover art design. Original stock images, fonts, and other resources used in creating the cover, or the PSD files of the cover, are not available for sale, nor can access be granted to anyone.

7. All premade cover art design sales are final. 

Additional Details

Credit, if you choose to include it in your book (and it’s greatly appreciated!), should read Cover Design by Gilded Heart Publishing Services.

Premade cover art designs are sold as-is. Some minor changes may be possible, but any change requests will incur an additional fee.

If you would like Custom Cover Design, contact Christy at or fill out our Custom Cover Design Request Form.

Unless permission is expressly granted in advance, changes or alterations made by the buyer or another designer to the art after the sale are strictly prohibited.