I can provide deep-dive, multiple pass developmental edits, thorough copyediting, or a close final proofread.

Cover Art

Check out my premade covers available on the homepage or contact Christy for custom cover design.

Book Promo Design

Want to promote your book on social media? Need headers to reflect your brand? Need a file to create printed swag?

Rates and Services


Developmental Editing – $0.008 per word

Once your manuscript draft is finished and you’ve done a self-editing polish, developmental edits provide big-picture overall comments and also deeper feedback about how the various parts of your story are executed and fit together.

For a developmental edit, I’ll focus on the following 10 story components:

  • Characters and their arcs/development
  • Dialogue
  • Setting/World Building
  • Plot
  • Pacing
  • Conflict
  • Emotional Stakes
  • Theme
  • Reader Investment
  • Romance arc (if your story has one)

I will make inline comments to highlight issues in the manuscript via Track Changes in Word and also provide you with an edit letter touching on each of the topics above. If there is another component you’d like me to address, please let me know when booking your edit. I’m happy to do so.

Copyediting – $0.006 per word

Copyediting involves a close, careful read of your manuscript with a focus on sentence structure, flow, POV consistency, continuity of the story timeline, deep POV vs shallow, passive vs active writing, and the overall clarity and readability of your manuscript. I’ll make comments and suggest changes via Track Changes in Word.

Proofreading – $0.005 per word

The final pass on a fully edited manuscript. While proofreading, I focus solely on spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This includes looking for missing words or any other typo that might have been introduced during previous edits. I’ll mark any changes to make within the manuscript using Track Changes in Word.

Cover Design

Custom Cover Design – $150.00 to 200.00 per cover

If you’re interested in having Christy design a custom cover, fill in the Custom Cover Art Request form here, or contact Christy directly for a quote.

Promotional Graphic Design

Graphic design work will be charged at a rate of $30 per hour, with most items listed below taking one (1) to two (2) hours.

Time will be charged in 15 minute increments, and I’m happy to provide a quote before I begin.

Web header design

Social media header design

Bookmark or other for-print swag design

Social media promo design

  • including post sizing for FB, Instagram, and Twitter

Logo design

  • this is a new area for me and I’m working on developing my skills, so get in touch and we can talk about whether my skills are where they need to be to meet your needs

Full Service Publishing Package

$600 – $1000 (based on the length of your manuscript)

Have you been thinking about self-publishing but just haven’t taken the plunge? Do you have a manuscript you finally want to get up on Amazon or another e-book retailer? I can help!

This service includes developmental edits, a final proofread, cover design, formatting of your interior (using a program called Vellum), and optional assistance uploading your files to Amazon for a small additional fee.

Example savings for a 60k novel with e-book/print cover:

Normal pricing: custom cover $200, developmental edit $480, formatting $50 = $730.00

Full Service Publishing Package: $600 ( you save $130)

Other a la Carte Services

Formatting – $50

  • I use a program called Vellum, which includes some styling options, and any styling requested would be constrained by the program’s limits